Information & Resources for Incoming (Ground) MS Psychology Students

Welcome to the MS Psychology program at ASU!

Here you will find important information and resources you should utilize to help prepare you for success in the MS Psych program. We strongly encourage you to do a statistics refresher (regardless of when you last took a statistics course) as you will be taking at least three graduate level statistics courses and one research methods course during the program.

The Statistics and Methods (SAM) Lab is here to assist you in developing your research methodology and statistical knowledge. The SAM Lab provides free consultation and instructional assistance to ASU West students on a range of statistics and research methods questions. Our summer hours can be found here. If you are in the Phoenix area, you are welcome to stop by the SAM Lab to receive help with your stats review. If you are not in the area yet, you can email or call the SAM Lab to receive assistance over the phone or schedule an online appointment.

Recommended Readings

A Conceptual Guide to Statistics Using SPSS (Berkman & Reise) | More Info

You are strongly encouraged to read this text this summer, in preparation for Quantitative Methods I (PSY 515).

Making Sense of Statistics: A Conceptual Overview (Pyrczak) | More Info

This book provides a conceptual review of the basic information you will need for statistics.

Reading & Understanding Multivariate Statistics (Grimm & Yarnold) | More Info

We recommend reading the first 3 chapters, if not over the summer, definitely before Quantitative Methods II (PSY 516) in Spring 2020. You will use this textbook throughout your graduate career.

Statistics Refreshers

Please watch this series of YouTube videos to review some basic statistical tests and concepts.

Introduction & Descriptive Statistics

Steps to Hypothesis Testing


Correlation & Chi-Square

SPSS Tutorials

In addition to the book on SPSS recommended above, here are a few SPSS tutorial videos (there are a ton on YouTube – so feel free to watch others as well). You will be able to download SPSS onto your home computer (for free) and access it online from the MyASU - MyApps website once you have registered for your courses for the fall. For instructions on how to access SPSS as an ASU student, please see this SAM Lab tutorial:

Introduction to SPSS

Data Cleaning in SPSS

T-Tests in SPSS

Correlations in SPSS

Chi-Square in SPSS


Academic Writing Resources

In addition to statistics and methods, a key skill you will be developing and honing during the MS Psychology program is your academic writing. Psychological academic writing is very different from the writing you did in college. We strongly recommend that you purchase the following books, however, copies of each of these books are also located in the SAM Lab and are available for local MS Psych students to check out for 1-2 weeks.

Also, please bookmark this website for APA formatting on your computer as you will refer to it often:

Successful Academic Writing   (Singh & Lukkarila) |  More Info

Successful Academic Writing (Singh & Lukkarila) | More Info

How to Write a Master’s Thesis   (Bui) |  More Info

How to Write a Master’s Thesis (Bui) | More Info

A Pocket Style Manual: APA Version   (Hacker & Sommers) |  More Info

A Pocket Style Manual: APA Version (Hacker & Sommers) | More Info

Write It Up: Practical Strategies for Writing and Publishing Journal Articles   (Silvia) |  More Info

Write It Up: Practical Strategies for Writing and Publishing Journal Articles (Silvia) | More Info

Practice Statistics Quiz

Here you will find a practice quiz that we developed to help you get a sense of the topics you have a clear understanding of, and topics you should review prior to starting the Psychology MS Program in August. This practice quiz will also help prepare you for the required statistics quiz you will take at the beginning of the semester. Before taking the practice quiz, please be sure to review the information on this page as well as any additional information Dr. Mickelson sent out. You can also contact the SAM Lab with any questions or if you would like further assistance.

To access the practice quiz click the following link: Practice Quiz.

Please note: If you do not get at least 80% correct, you will want to review these concepts again prior to taking the required quiz in mid-August.

The required statistics quiz is designed to assess your statistics preparedness and assist you in areas where you might be struggling. The quiz will take place in the SAM Lab on either Monday, August 19th or Tuesday, August 20th. You will receive more information in mid-July about the required quiz and how to sign up for a time to take the quiz on one of those two days.