Stats Portal

This page provides links for helpful resources for a variety of statistics and research concepts.


Research Methods

Concepts that you need to know to begin designing your own research or analyzing data. These include hypothesis testing, statistical significance, differential versus inferential statistics, and more.


Statistical Concepts

Concepts in statistics that are helpful for understanding the structure behind statistical tests. Additionally, an understanding of these concepts is crucial in interpreting statistical output.


Statistical Tests

Resources for the basic statistical tests that are taught in most intro statistics courses. These tests include t-tests, ANOVAs, correlations, and regression.


Hand Calculations

Walk through the hand calculations for various statistical tests.


Software Programs

Various programs for data organization, data analysis, and data visualization.


Procedure Tools

Resources on procedural steps you need to take while designing and running your own research study. These include registering with the Institutional Review Board (IRB), pre-registering your study online, and writing up your findings.