Wide-Format / Poster Print Requests

The SAM Lab is equipped with a wide-format color printer for research posters and other data visualization projects (e.g., research exhibits or displays). Currently, print requests are limited to:

  • Students and faculty in the School of Social & Behavioral Sciences (SSBS) or individuals who are assisting with research that is being supervised by SSBS faculty

  • Presentations at a college/university, regional, national, or international conference, expo, or exhibit
    We are unable to accommodate wide-format print requests for class assignments and class-related projects at this time. In limited circumstances, students may be able to submit print requests for course-related group projects, however, prior approval and arrangements must be made between the course instructor and the SAM Lab Director.

  • 2 wide-format print jobs (free of charge) per student or faculty member during the fall 2019 semester

    Each SSBS student and faculty may request up to 2 wide-format print jobs (free of charge) throughout the fall 2019 semester. In the event that an individual plans to present more than two posters in the fall, they should consult with the SAM Lab to discuss options.

Overview of Procedure for Print Request

  1. Visit the SAM Lab to complete a “Wide-Format/Poster Print Request” form. The form can also be accessed (here), however, you will need to submit the form in person in the SAM Lab.

  2. When you submit your completed form, a SAM Lab consultant will help you schedule a print job appointment. Your appointment should be at least 1 full business day prior to when you will need your printed poster in hand. It is strongly recommended that you email the PDF version of your finalized poster to the SAM Lab (samlabasu.com) at least 12 hours prior to your appointment. You may also, however, bring your print request (saved as a PDF) to your print appointment on a USB key.

  3. During your scheduled print appointment, a SAM Lab Consultant will meet with you in FAB B16 (located next to the main SAM Lab space) to show you what your print job will look like on a large computer screen. Appointments will be 30 minutes long, but you may find that significantly less time is needed. With your final approval, the consultant will start (or queue) your print job.

  4. You can pick up your completed print job within 1 business day of your print appointment. In light of this, it is essential that you schedule your print appointment so that it is a minimum of 1 business day prior to when you will need the poster print in hand.

The SAM Lab has help resources with guidelines and “best practices” for creating effective research poster presentations, as well as a variety of poster templates. You can also stop by the SAM Lab for feedback during the early stages of creating your poster; no appointment is necessary.