Research Methods Concepts

A 12-minute video on levels of measurement and descriptive statistics.

A 4-minute video on hypothesis testing, alpha levels, and p-values.

A short 4-minute video summarizing the main differences between null and alternative hypotheses.

A longer, 15-minute video giving an in-depth explanation of null vs alternative hypotheses with three examples.

An 8-minute video overviewing significance testing and p-values.

A 5-minute video giving a succint explantation of what significance means - including a conceptual explanation for effect size.

A quick 3-minute video explaining Type I and Type II error with an example - includes a brief explanation of power.

A great interactive visual showing what Cohen's d effect sizes really mean.

Information on different kinds of effect sizes and how they are calculated.

Information on power analysis, why it is useful, and how to perform one.