Statistical Tests

A blog post that gives a good explanation of all types of t-tests with informative graphs.

A great website with explanations, examples, and example data for all types of t-tests, including walk-throughs for SPSS.

A website outlining the use of ANOVA, providing examples, data sets, and walkthroughs of one-way ANOVA analysis with SPSS.

A thorough blog post on one-way ANOVA, the assumptions involved, and SPSS walkthrough of analysis.

An educational blog post about two-way ANOVAs, including the assumptions made and step-by-step procedures for analysis in SPSS.

An 8-minute video on two-way ANOVAs, including a comparison between the functions of one-way and two-way ANOVAs.

A short 5-minute video comparing one-way ANOVAs versus two-way ANOVAs.

A great blog post including direction, strength, and interpretation of correlations.

A 5-minute video demonstrating a Pearson correlation analysis in SPSS.

A website detailing common uses of Chi-Square analysis, providing example data sets and a walk-through demonstration of analysis in SPSS.

A 12-minute video going over Chi-Square analysis, including the critical value and degrees of freedom.

A website outlining the purpose and procedure of basic linear regression.

A great blog post introducing linear regression, reviewing the assumptions involved, and providing visuals of concepts like homoscedasticity.

A blog post giving an overview of multiple regression, the assumptions made, and performing multiple regression in SPSS.