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SAM Lab Workshop: A Step-by-Step Introduction to SAS

By SAS Institute Inc. -, Public Domain,

Location: SAM Lab (FAB B12)

This workshop is geared towards advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty members who are interested in learning more about SAS, a software package for performing a wide range of statistical analyses. (ASU has a site license for SAS, so it can be downloaded for free (through MyApps) by any current student or faculty member. Additional information about SAS can be found here:

Specific topics covered will include:

  1. The basic framework of SAS
  2. Basic rules for coding
  3. Inputting data into SAS
  4. Messages conveyed by the SAS Log File
  5. The SAS Output Delivery System
  6. Resources for SAS syntax

Presentation slides and/or handouts with key information will be provided to workshop attendees.

Workshop Host: Nicky Jiang, SAM Lab Consultant

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dr. Deborah Hall ( or the SAM Lab (